About Labyrinthed

Welcome to Labyrinthed!

I’m Vanessa Compton, and I’m passionate about exploring and sharing the power of the Labyrinth to transform lives!  I’ve built dozens of labyrinths, facilitated hundreds of walks, and introduced thousands of people to this amazing and beautiful tool.

The labyrinth provides a safe, supportive environment for anyone who wants to experience these life-affirming results:

  • slowing down and restoring balance in your life;
  • reflecting and gaining insight on present challenges;
  • kindling a personal sense of mission;
  • inspiring creativity and incubating the imagination;
  • transforming perspectives and reconciling differences;
  • restoring a sense of communion with others.

Here’s what I’ve learned about the wisdom embedded in the labyrinth, the people whose knowledge helped create it, and the research it inspires.