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Understanding the Labyrinth as Transformative Site, Symbol & TechnLes Gargouilles de Notre Dame, Vanessa Compton (2001)ology (2007) [PDF]. Doctoral thesis, OISE/Toronto.

My thesis work on the unicursal medieval labyrinth as a transformative technology within a community setting is the culmination of extensive research into its origins in the classical and scholastic traditions, its mathematical substructure, the access it provides to embodied and tacit knowledge, and the impact of its current and potential applications on the individual and the community.

It’s actually a great read! Please email me to request a PDF of this document.

Some excerpts:

“Letters from the Borderlands.” [PDF] Labyrinth Pathways 11 (2017)

“Labyrinth Lost.” Landscapes/Paysage Landscape Architecture in Canada. Summer 2014 16 (2). p.46

“A Labyrinth Primer.” Landscapes/Paysage Landscape Architecture in Canada. Summer 2014 16 (2). p.90

Facilitating the labyrinth: ritual process and relational aesthetic.”[PDF] Labyrinth Pathways 6 (2012)

The Labyrinth: A vehicle for spiritual care in the healthcare setting [PDF]. The First Canadian Health Care Conference (September, 2008).

The outdoor labyrinths of Ottawa” The Glebe Report (August 17, 2007), pp. 18-19.

Perched on the outside of the box, clinging to threads of familiarity: Incubating imagination through meditation practice in Teacher Education [PDF]. (2006) A presentation at the 4th Imaginative Education Research Group Conference, SFU, Vancouver.

Wrangling Minotaurs 101: the Labyrinth as mythopoetic technology [PDF]. (2005) A presentation at the 3rd Imaginative Education Research Group Conference, SFU, Vancouver.

The labyrinth: Site and symbol of transformation” [PDF]. (2002) In A. Morrell, M. O’Connor, and E. V. O’Sullivan (Eds.), Expanding the Boundaries of Transformative Learning: Essays on theory and praxis. New York: Palgrave.

Coal @ Christmas [PDF]. (2001) Exploration of the labyrinth experience as a tool in reconciling mixed feelings about the idea of “home.”

Art Practice and the Educational Engagement: Some Things in Common [PDF]. (1999) Argument for the arts as fundamental in education.

Hot Metal / Hot Words: Event and Interpretation as Developmental Tools in Adolescent Self Concept.”[PDF] The Journal of Experiential Education 20 (2), 1997. An account of art students’ writing as a means of integrating their studio experience with their developmental needs.


Labyrinth walk, St Michael's Entrance




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