Photo credits

Home page, Island Labyrinth, photo by Vanessa Compton

About Labyrinths page, Anam Cara Labyrinth at Chaffey’s Locks, photo by Barbara Brown

Walks & Events main page, St Luke’s Labyrinth by candlelight, photo by Barclay McMillan

Workshops & Courses page, Vanessa colouring, photo by Eleanor Crowder

Design & Installation page, Vanessa painting St Luke’s Labyrinth, photo by Barclay McMillan;
9 dot array, after Pennick

About Vanessa page, Head shot, photo by Luke Filion

Articles page, Les Gargouilles de Notre Dame, Vanessa Compton (2001). Mixed media. 28cm x 21.5cm

Links page, Chartres pilgrimage 07, photo by Barbara Brown

Research page, St Michael’s Labyrinth entrance, photo by Vanessa Compton

Products page, Division of the circle into 13. Detail: Red Labyrinth, Vanessa Compton (2000). Mixed media 46cm x 38cm

Contact page, Vanessa and her lurcher Murphy, photo by Barbara Brown

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