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Connect with your spirit and free your creativity through the power of the labyrinth!

Painting with Antonia editDiscover the practical approach to using this time-honoured contemplative tool as a vehicle for personal insight and renewal; creative thinking and problem-solving; organizational and community development.

The Labyrinth is a transformative place

The labyrinth was designed by people who had great respect for the imagination as a source of creativity and invention. Walking the labyrinth path sparks insight, provokes new ideas and invites fresh perspectives. Brought forth as images from the intuitive part of our brains, these gifts are honed with our rational minds, serving to guide and enrich our lives in the outside world.

Labyrinthed ™ offers workshops and programs to connect YOU with your gifts.

About the workshops

These workshops are for you if you want to move forward in your life with the clarity and energy that connecting with your spirit and your creativity brings.

Using the gifts of the labyrinth to calm the mind, reconnect with the spirit, and find the support that comes of our awareness of being on the Path together, we undertake explorations of compelling questions and issues on themes for each month. We can trust the labyrinth and our own innate wisdom to provide guidance and insight in forms that are artful, evocative, and personally meaningful.
Each workshop has three components:

  • Walking the labyrinth
  • Reflection and discussion about the theme in small facilitated groups
  • Focused creative activity e.g. writing, collage, painting, sculpture

Like the labyrinth walk itself, the workshop provides a containing structure of opening and closing ritual and respect for individual privacy and integrity, while providing opportunities for learning from one another’s journey. The point is not to produce great art — though your “reflection piece” may well be beautiful – but rather to use art materials as exploratory expressive tools for dialogue.

NO previous experience in art or labyrinth is necessary!

Programs for Groups or Organizations

The labyrinth is a wonderful tool for groups of all ages and interests, as a component in:

  • reflective retreats
  • personal development
  • spiritual discovery
  • care-giver renewal
  • student vocational and gap-year exploration
  • team-building
  • intention-setting

Vanessa Compton painting

“We appreciated the sensitive way Dr Compton explored the history and ideas of Marguerite D’Youville, the founder of The Grey Sisters, in her workshop The Labyrinth and the Divine Imagination
Paul Schwartzentrube, Director, Marguerite Centre, Pembroke ON.

Contact Vanessa to discuss possibilities for your group.

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